The Amilcar Cabral Documentary Trilogy

"Cabralista" is an ambitious documentary trilogy, chronologically divided in Past, Present and Future, but not released in that order.

Past | History

Part I    Past - History, is a visual biography of Amilcar Cabral,  based on historical facts and testimonies of his lifetime collected throughout the years and narrated by Val Lopes, the director and author of the trilogy.

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Present | Collective Memory

Part II    Present - Collective Memory, was the first episode of the trilogy to be released. It handles the present, how Cabral is remembered, defining a non-formal zeitgeist around his ideology, showing an African Youth with strong Cabralist views.

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Furure | Utopia

Part III    Future - Utopia, is a futuristic view, of a "better Africa", in a world where the early African freedom fighters have not been eliminated and our development has not been disturbed and distorted, but left in our own hands to grow freely.

"I am a simple African doing my duty in my country, in the context of our time"

- Amilcar Cabral